• The strength of Binh Thuan is created from a team of young, talented, enthusiastic, creative, willful and ambitious personnel.
  • For Binh Thuan, people are the most valuable asset, the source of success. To attract and retain talents, create and maintain a core and adjacent workforce; we focus on building and developing preeminent training programs to improve capacity, qualifications and professional expertise as well as planning a clear and specific promotion route for employees.
  • Binh Thuan managers are always interested in improving the lives of employees, motivating and encouraging employees’ morale at the right time to help increase work motivation, improve quality and productivity.
  • The harmonious combination between the interests of the enterprise, the interests of the employees and the members of the great family of Binh Thuan creates a united and highly loyal collective, thereby helping Binh Thuan Thuan stands firm and develops in the face of the challenges of the times.


  • Binh Thuan is a place that respects and connects people with integrity, honesty in all activities, transparency in production and business; responsible, efficient, always creative, strive to learn, constantly innovate to fulfill the mission and noble ideals, for a sustainable development of Binh Thuan.
  • Each member of Binh Thuan is a brand ambassador who trusts, spreads, and is proud of the Group’s culture; uphold and adhere to the 5 core values “Integrity – Creativity – Responsibility – Efficiency – Cohesion”, considering this as a guideline to adjust all behaviors and working attitudes.
  • We are committed to creating a dynamic, connecting, sharing, safe working environment, ensuring high remuneration so that employees can not only work with peace of mind but also truly enjoy their work. proudly consider this as a second home; unanimously cultivate a solid corporate culture as well as achieve many achievements at work, contributing to the general development of the economy – society.


  • With the philosophy of “business development associated with social responsibility”, Binh Thuan focuses on using renewable raw materials in production, always accompanying environmental protection ; contribute to the social community through charitable activities, support and donation to individual organizations; for a better life for each person and the sustainable development of society.


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