TTP 334 . solid plastic container

Code: TPP334
Dimensions: 330 x 330 x 100 mm
Material: PP plastic
✔️ Sealed without openings, avoiding dust from flying in, helping to preserve goods well
✔️ Suitable for dry goods, need to keep or avoid water, especially spare parts and components

✔️ Groove designed to be stackable, sturdy

✔️ Products can print logos, symbols, install cards on the box to mark and easily distinguish the box

Category: Plastic crates


TTP 334 plastic containers are mainly used in industry, used to store products, goods and components in factories and assembly workshops.
Manufactured from 100% virgin PP plastic on modern Japanese technology lines. Products meet ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, are environmentally friendly and safe for users.
Sturdy structure, convenient for storing goods and components with large loads. The outer surface has stiffening ribs to place the plastic bin on the shelves and racks firmly, to hold and move easily.
Sealed design, avoid dust and moisture from outside into the product. Deep bottom and high walls can hold more items.
Shiny highlights contain anti-discoloration agent.
Binh Thuan Plastics designs and manufactures according to all requirements from customers.


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