Plastic box A5

Code: A5
Dimensions: 198 x 135 x 90 mm
Material: PP plastic
✔️ Grooves are designed to be stacked extremely firmly and save space

✔️ 2/3 beveled design on the front, with name tags to help classify goods easily

✔️ The outer surface has stiffening ribs to help place it on shelves and racks firmly

Category: Plastic crates


A5 plastic containers are mainly used in industry, used to store products, goods and components in factories and assembly workshops.
Manufactured from 100% virgin PP plastic on modern Japanese technology lines. Products meet ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, are environmentally friendly and safe for users.
Sturdy structure, convenient for storing goods and small components.
The front has a 2/3 beveled design, with a name tag to help classify goods easily
Sealed design, avoid dust and moisture from outside into the product.


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