Foremost, we, Binh Thuan Plastic Group Joint Stock Company (BPG), would like to send you our best wishes and sincerest greetings.

It has been nearly 15 years since our incorporation in 2008. We have increasingly been asserting our strong position in manufacturing and supplying plastic pallets and ancillary products for Industry – Agriculture – Fishery sectors.

With development orientation based on 2 core advantages:

  1. Materials from recycled plastic
  2. Molds R&D and manufacturing

Binh Thuan Plastic Group Joint Stock Company (BPG) is manufacturing with a scale of 5 factories in Hanoi, Ha Nam, Hai Duong and Binh Duong.

Our main products are plastic pallets and ancillary products for the Industry – Agriculture – Fishery sectors. Made in an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified state-of-the-art machinery system, our products have earned our customers’ trust and distributed in 51 provinces and cities throughout Vietnam.

The operating philosophy of BPG is “absolute integrity and perseverance” to constantly reach out new frontier. BPG always persists with the flexible development orientation, is ready to innovate, fulfills the mission of “re-regenerate materials”. We are applying technology in management & production to looks towards to a sustainable business, to operate a Circular production, to brings the highest and long-term benefits to our shareholders, investors, customers, employees and the community alike.


Become a Vietnam’s leading group in plastic pallets & industrial plastic products.

Create essential plastic products of high quality, competitive price & to contribute to Vietnam’s economic development.

INTEGRITY: BPG members highly appreciate honesty and transparency in all operations and resolutely root out all acts of fraud, corruption, bribery, and personal gain. For us, corporate interests are our top priority. We uphold the spirit of respect for the law and are willing to assume the sole responsibility for our mistakes and correct them. Learning lessons from experience helps us improve and perfect ourselves.

CREATIVITY: Constant efforts to innovate and improve production processes bring us  higher efficiency, optimal costs, and better product quality. We always have a backup plan for risks rather than just a solution.

RESPONSIBILITY: All BPG members always try their best to complete the assigned work. No matter what causes any problem, we all have a high sense of self-responsibility.

EFFICIENCY: Understanding that the result is extremely important despite the vital role of hard work, BPG members have always endeavored to create the highest results. The results are clearly quantifed in numbers and targets.

CONNECTEDNESS: BPG is our dear big family. We practice cooperation in both intracompany and intercompany scope to quickly accomplish our mission.





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